We understand that considering a private school education takes careful financial planning. Our families find great value in the Montessori educational experience and in the way our students are uniquely prepared to make a difference in the world.

Additional Charges

These are invoiced separately at the beginning of the school year. Differences in books needed for individual students and levels, along with fluctuation of costs from year to year make this separate billing necessary.

This charge is only for those families who utilize this service. See Extended Day Care for more information.

At the main campus, students are able to order lunches online from various vendors Monday through Thursday. This is an optional charge. Students may order daily or choose the days they would like to order. Occasionally on Fridays, there will be lunches offered at the main campus that are sponsored by a specific class or group as a fundraiser. Again, ordering is optional. The Children’s House offers the option to order lunches from there on Wednesday.

Once a week at the main campus, students may purchase ice cream products at a cost of $.75.

One of the special privileges offered at Statesville Montessori is the opportunity to take several field trips during the school year. We believe there is no better way to learn of the history, geography, or nature of a place than to be there and experience it for yourself. Individual classes have short day trips that vary from year to year. These might include going to a farm, zoo, park, or live performance. Fourth through eighth grades usually have special end of year trips that require overnight stays. Some of these trips have traditionally included Washington, D.C., Williamsburg, Charleston, S.C., the N. C. Outer Banks, among others. A very special experience for the 1st through 5th grades is the chance to attend YMCA Camp Hanes for a three day, two night stay. This is a wonderful time of learning and bonding with classmates and teachers. While there, students have the opportunity to hike, study geology, forest ecology, and wildlife. Days are filled with wonderful hands-on learning experiences, while evenings are filled with group activities, such as singing around the campfire. While field trips are not mandatory, they offer learning experiences that just cannot be duplicated in the classroom, so they are highly encouraged. Costs vary depending on the destination of the trip.  

Fourth through eighth graders have the opportunity to participate in several sports. Cross country, volleyball, and basketball are traditionally offered. Golf and tennis are offered as there is interest. The fee to participate is $50 for the first sport and $25 for additional sports. This money goes towards insurance, uniforms, and equipment.


Discounts are offered for siblings, as well as for tuition payments paid in full.  We also offer Quarterly and Monthly payment plans.

  • 2nd sibling $250

  • 3rd sibling $500

  • 4th sibling $750

Financial Aid

All Opportunity Scholarship Program applications that meet the eligibility criteria and are submitted by the annual deadline will be entered into a lottery. Recipients are randomly selected from that pool of applications.

Contact Us

Should you have any questions, we are happy to talk with you about your educational investment.

Statesville Montessori is a small, private school in North Carolina serving children from preschool through 8th grade.

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